Non Degenerated Bio Dynamic Grain from the Keyserlingk Institute, Germany. Now growing in Harlemville NY. This is grain that does not have the "stretchable" gluten in modern wheat, which is giving many people a hard time to digest.

Introduction Malt Leaven Bread

Modern farming techniques, including chemical fertilizer, that have been used for more than a hundred years, have led to a severe degeneration of our food crops, which has been noticed as early as the 1920's:

Crops would not grow in the same fields where they had been growing for generations, nutritional value was lost, crops became susceptible to disease, and they just did not show the vitality they used to have.

Surplus nitrogen from weapon manufacturing in the 2nd W.W. was converted into chemical fertilizer production. By the 1970's this led to a 8-12 fold yield increase. Quality was sacrificed for quantity.
The nutritional balance was distorted. Now wheat had an increased carbohydrate, less protein and sacrificing other valuable nutrients that it's ancestors had.
Less protein also meant less gluten, which is needed to make a bread rise. So scientists developed a more powerful, stretchable gluten, that is also water-insoluble, meaning hard to digest. This is one of the causes of the gluten allergies, but also the changed carbohydrate is giving people digestive problems.

At the same time that chemical fertilizer was introduced, also monoculture yeast was developed, for a more dependable way to leaven bread. Bread has many valuable nutrients, essential for healthy brain function, among them zinc, copper, and magnesium. But these nutrients can only be absorbed when bacteria break down the phytic acid that prevents the absorption of these nutrients. With fast rising monoculture yeast the bacteria do not have the chance to break down those nutrients.

When new methods prove to be wrong we tend to go back to the past. Here we find the old way of making sourdough. But new methods appear to carry us forward. Instead of going back to the past I was thinking of a way to create a natural yeast, not through de-spiritualized scientific methods, but through holistic spiritually guided methods.

Yeast is originally a byproduct of the beer production, made from sprouted barley. What better way to bring back the Life Forces than using the force of the sprouted barley which seems the perfect carrier of a growing, rising force. From sprouted, then dried and ground barley a batter is made. This attracts and advances the wild yeast while not eliminating the lactic acid bacteria when ripe. This culture is then dried. From this a starter can be made in 1 or 2 days to make a bread that is completely unique, neither a monoculture yeast, nor a sourdough.

With it a new force is introduced into the bread that makes it very light and completely digestible, including breaking down the light gluten of Spelt. Spelt is the uncorrupted twin sister of wheat that never had a need for chemical fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide. Spelt cannot be harvested with the combine, because of its husk, which protects it. It then has a chance to fully ripen on the field which helps the digestibility.

With the Malt-Leaven even a Rye bread is not dense, but so surprisingly light that it is even becoming a teenagers favorite.

Here are the reasons why the Malt Leaven bread is the bread for all of us to rescue our immune system from the attack by modern food and agribusiness:

  • no yeast
  • no wheat
  • no sourdough
  • whole grain
  • fresh stone ground
  • healthy bacteria
  • completely digestible
  • beyond organic, contains spiritualized water
Sanae, Institute For Bread and Grain.
ph: 518 821 2148

Dear Friends of the Holy Grain

Today I discovered another small part of the alchemical process of the Malt Leaven Bread. See these pictures. A bread almost a week old, it becomes dry.

Then steamed, it is a metamorphosis. 

More dramatic difference is noticeable in actuality, but the color change you can clearly see. This is the same bread, only steamed. When bread gets old it turns into the Beta state, steaming brings it back to the Alpha state: moist, much more appetizing. 

So that is what you do with a week old bread, not the same when toasted.
A few more before and after pictures:



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News from the Philmont Community Bakery.

Without zinc, you can't think”

Did you know that zinc is an important brain nutrient? Did you also know that wheat (and spelt maybe even more) supplies this and other important brain nutrients?
Important also to know is that these nutrients are only available when the dough is properly fermented, breaking down the phytic acid that inhibits the absorption of these nutrients.

The malt leaven bread is properly fermented and contains wild yeast and bacteria that break down the phytic acid. That way you will absorb the zinc, copper, magnesium and other important nutrients in the grain.
Bread made with yeast leaves no chance for the bacteria to do their job, and so the above mentioned nutrients cannot be absorped. This could in my opinion very well be another factor in the rise of brain diseases like Alzheimer's, Autism, and A.D.D. (AAA, triple A).

Malt Leaven Bread is based on sprouted barley.
It has:
  1. no yeast
  2. beyond organic, contains ascension day dew drops
  3. spelt or rye, no degenerated grains, e.g. wheat.
  4. pre-digested light gluten

Spelt has a light gluten that is completely different from the powerful stretchable gluten in modern wheat that is causing digestive problems.

Varieties :
  • Whole Spelt
  • Light Spelt
  • Spelt/ Rye
  • Spelt Honey Oat
Please fill out the included order form and return to me.

Thanks for your patronage, Koen

ph: 518 821 2148

Philmont CSB Order Form

Name: Whole Spelt Spelt/ Rye Light Spelt Spelt Honey Oat

How to store bread.

The Malt Leaven Bread is best kept in a bread bin. You can also use a crock pot, clay oven dish, or pickle pot. It freezes well, but try to avoid putting it in plastic or putting it in the fridge.

It may be dry after a week. The best thing then is to steam it or simply put it on top of warm rice or warm vegetables, while you are cooking your meal.

Here are some

Hi there,

Sick and Tired of Wheat?

I have bread for you:

No Wheat
No sugar
No dairy
No yeast
No sourdough
No nothing artificial

Based on sprouted barley as the ideal food for wild yeast to grow on. It has a light gluten, fully digestible, as it is with the other wonderful nutrients in the bread, made with spelt. Still working on a gluten free version as soon as I can find the ingredients, like organic cassava flour. Let me know if you know a source.

Here is a picture of newly cultivated spelt non-degenerated, from a wild grass!

Today's Bread,

Here is what it looks like:

Yes, it is for sale!!!

Don't depend on Supermarket bread, with degenerated wheat and mono culture yeast. Switch from Inedible to Incredible.
This Spelt bread has a LIGHT GLUTEN, nothing like the gluten in modern wheat. It is nutrient dense, rich in fiber, light and fully digestible.

No yeast, no sourdough! Made with the new Malt Leaven, based on sprouted barley, the ideal food for wild yeast AND bacteria. Great mild taste. Contact me for orders:
Peterborough Community Supported Bakery
phone: 516 821 2148
Baker Koen.